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Turbulent water in the shower thanks to ecoturbino | How air revitalizes the water stream

The morning shower is a crucial moment for many people to start the day feeling fresh and energized. An invigorating water stream can work wonders and awaken the senses.

ecoturbino goes a step further to enhance this shower experience by generating turbulent water. But how does it actually work? The answer lies in the clever introduction of air into the water stream, resulting in a revitalizing and efficient shower experience.

The role of air in the shower

Air plays a crucial role in enhancing the shower experience. When introduced into the water stream, it creates tiny air bubbles that agitate the water, providing more volume and structure. This leads to a turbulent water stream that offers higher efficiency and a more pleasant shower experience.

The innovative technology of ecoturbino

ecoturbino utilizes this air technology to improve the water stream. The technology is based on a special narrowing of the cross-section that accelerates the water flow while drawing in air. This air is then mixed with the water, creating a dynamic and invigorating stream.

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The benefits of turbulent water in the shower

  • More efficient cleansing: A turbulent water stream can efficiently remove dirt and soap from the skin and hair, resulting in a more thorough cleansing and a better shower experience.
  • Water savings: By adding air, ecoturbino can increase water pressure without consuming more water. This allows for a comfortable shower experience with reduced water consumption.
  • Energy savings: Since less water needs to be heated to provide warm shower water, ecoturbino also leads to energy savings and lower energy costs.
  • Enhanced shower comfort: The more turbulent water stream from ecoturbino feels stronger and more pleasant, leading to improved shower comfort.
  • Environmentally friendly: Reduced water and energy consumption mean less strain on the environment and reduced CO2 emissions.

The installation of ecoturbino

The installation of ecoturbino couldn’t be easier. It typically comes with a ┬Ż-inch standard thread, which is present in most showers.

This allows for quick and uncomplicated installation without the need for special tools or expertise. In just a few minutes, anyone can enjoy the benefits of a turbulent water stream.


An invigorating shower experience thanks to ecoturbino

ecoturbino provides an innovative solution to generate turbulent water in the shower and enjoy the benefits of an invigorating water stream.

The introduction of air into the water stream makes it possible to shower more efficiently, save water and energy, and enhance shower comfort.

Thanks to its easy installation, everyone can benefit from ecoturbino’s advantages and elevate their morning shower experience to a new level.