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Measuring Bag | Calculate Savings Potential

With ecoturbino®, we can for the first time effectively help all showering individuals through cost savings. We are now unlocking this tremendous savings potential for private households! A portion of the water is replaced with air (turbine effect), thereby reducing costs for water, wastewater, and energy for hot water during showers by 40 percent – without compromising on the showering experience!

  • Save € 110 or more per person per year, or
  • Average savings of € 220 for a household per year, or
  • € 440 cost reduction for a 4-person household annually

For businesses, the savings potential can be drastically higher, often reaching into the four-figure range and beyond, for establishments like hotels, spas, hospitals, etc. The energy efficiency has been confirmed by TÜV Austria.

More and more users save money without losing comfort

Our Gift for Instant Calculation of Your Savings

With the following 3 steps, you will determine your personal water consumption while showering. Have the measuring bag and a stopwatch (phone app) ready!

Ecoturbino® CAN do even more. Much more + available in 4 colors!

Permanent cost reduction is more important today than ever before and would already be completely sufficient. However, the performance potential of the shower adapter encompasses much, much more.

ecoturbino® ET10L Water-Saving Shower Adapter | Save Water and Energy (Gas, Electricity) | Reduce Costs by up to 40% when Showering + Emptying the Shower Head | weiss. Feedimage.
  • Continuous emptying of standing water in the shower hose: The typical standing water in the hose is drained out after a refreshing shower through the opening in the ecoturbino. This actively prevents limescale buildup in the showerhead and shower hose.
  • Maximum reduction of legionella and germs: Due to the emptied showerhead and hose, there’s only a minimal chance of harmful legionella forming. Germs and the typical biofilm on the showerhead are prevented. This was a significant reason why ecoturbino received the approval for use in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. (healthcare sector).
  • Swirling turbine effect in the shower hose ensures hygiene: The continuously produced swirling water-air mixture in the hose and showerhead cleans these parts from the inside during each shower. This greatly enhances hygiene and reduces the cleaning effort to a minimum.

Smartly Reducing Shower Costs | Not just reducing water and thereby creating problems!

Where conventional water-saving showerheads hit problematic limits due to pure water reduction, causing reduced shower pleasure (less water!), calcification, and hygiene issues – that’s where ecoturbino starts to show its power, or in other words, begins to flex its muscles.

ecoturbino® | Problem solver for the expensive daily water use