Tender text for engineering offices, architects and planning offices for the equipment of hotels, hospitals, sports centres, etc.

Public tender for the procurement of water-saving technologies

  1. Subject of the Tender
    The public institution (Name of the institution) is inviting tenders for the delivery and installation of innovative water-saving systems aimed at reducing water consumption and improving hygiene standards in showers and sinks. The objective is to sustainably reduce water consumption in the sanitary facilities (e.g., communities, schools, authorities, sports facilities, and public buildings and new constructions) of the institution, prevent biofilm formation, reduce the risk of Legionella, and ensure the drainage function of shower heads and primarily shower hoses.
  2. Description of the Scope of Services
    • Delivery: Provision of the water-saving systems in the required quantities and designs within 3 calendar weeks.
    • Installation: Professional installation of the delivered water-saving systems in the sanitary facilities.
    • Training: Training of personnel on the operation and maintenance of the water-saving systems.
    • Maintenance: Optional maintenance contract for regular inspection and maintenance of the installed systems in accordance with legal requirements.
  3. Requirements for Bidders
    • Proof of technical and professional suitability for the delivery and installation of water-saving technologies (TÜV certificate, hygiene report on health).
    • At least 15 years of experience and references in the installation of water-saving systems.
    • Provision of a maintenance concept.
    • Quality certification according to Ecolabel or Austrian Eco-label.
    • Disclosure of the EORI number.
    • Offer of a training program for the institution’s personnel.
  4. Technical Specifications
    • The offered water-saving systems must enable a reduction in water consumption by at least 40%. Maximum flow rate of 6 to 9 liters/hour when fully open for showers and 5 to 6 liters for sinks. Basis is the EU – Taxonomy Regulation in its current form (as of 2024):
    Regulation – 2020/852 – EN – taxonomy regulation – EUR-Lex (europa.eu)
    EU-Taxonomy Regulation (bmk.gv.at)
    • Compatibility with common shower systems and faucets, available as a retrofit part.
    • Simple installation without major construction effort.
    • Drainage function of the system to prevent biofilm formation.
    • Mechanisms to reduce the risk of Legionella.
    • Drainage function at the fixture to prevent standing water in shower heads after showering.
    • 10-year functional guarantee as a sustainability feature.
  5. Award Criteria
    The contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous tender considering the following criteria:
    Price (20%)
    Quality and technical characteristics of the offered water-saving systems (50%)
    Service, including installation, training, and maintenance (10%)
    Guarantee of spare parts provision for 10 years (10%)
    Proof of savings calculation TÜV – certified (10%) detailed breakdown by Water quantity – Wastewater costs – Energy costs – CO2 reduction
  6. Submission of Tenders
    Interested companies are invited to submit their tenders in writing by (date) to the following address:
    (Name and address of the public institution)
  7. Site Visit
    A site visit for the sanitary facilities to be modernized will be offered on (date) at (time). Meeting point is (location).
  8. Contact
    For questions and further information, please contact (Name of contact person) at (phone number) or by email at (email address).

The public organisation is looking forward to your offers and the joint implementation of sustainable water management.