Brief information on the origins of the ecoturbino® brand

Originally developed for accommodation establishments – hospitals and retirement homes – so that the shower hose is emptied after the showering process and stagnant water is thus reduced or avoided in the shower head. Today, the Ecoturbino is the most efficient solution for saving water and energy.

Overview or curriculum vitae of ecoturbino®, with year numbers


  • Awarded with the Ecolabel
  • After countless references in hospitals and hotels worldwide
  • B2C marketing cooperation with
  • Inclusion of hansgrohe products in complete set including shower hose and shower heads


Development of the measuring bag


Award with the Austrian Eco-label


  • 2 Minutes 2 Million Start UP Show
  • International registration of the ecoturbino trademark (15315887)


  • Development of the energy saving calculator
  • Certified as an energy efficiency measure by TÜV Austria in accordance with the EFFGesetz 2014 as a recognised energy saving measure


Successfully patented. The Hotel Sacher Vienna was the first reference hotel to be equipped. Countless others followed.


Has the product been developed

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