Patented Hygiene, Water & Energy Saving Adapter for Bath and Shower. Save 40 percent / € 220 or more per year per household. WITHOUT losing comfort while showering!

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ecoturbino® | A small shower adapter with a big impact. Direct effect on your water bill and ENERGY bill – meaning on your wallet + protection against limescale!

Extreme and especially easy money saving potential for facilities with many showers like hotels, clubs, hospitals, campsites, fitness studios, and many more.

Up to 40 percent! That’s the reduction we’re talking about. In addition, the ecoturbino® adapter directly results in a resource-saving reduction in water consumption and wastewater. Speaking of health; ecoturbino® also provides support every time it’s used. By continuously cleaning the shower hose and showerhead while showering and draining after the shower – to prevent the formation of biofilm and legionella as much as possible.

About one third of total water consumption at home, in hotels, and in sports facilities is due to showering and personal care alone – a significant amount of water. So, how about if one could reduce the costs of water, wastewater, and electricity consumption for hot water in this area?

Perhaps, like us, you’ve already tried various “water consumption reducers” or experienced them in gyms, indoor pools, etc. These usually reduce the pressure by increasing resistance in flow rate or use showerheads with tiny openings, leading to fine jets and also increasing flow resistance.

These solutions sometimes work not too badly, but they all have something in common. Showering isn’t as enjoyable and the feeling on the skin is different. In short, the pleasant shower experience is unfortunately missing.

A small adapter with the magic for big things!
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ecoturbino® | far from a typical water reducer

The patented ecoturbino® is truly a solution for a genuine shower pleasure while achieving a dramatic reduction. A special turbine design inside creates a highly turbulent water/air mixture.

Thanks to this engineering marvel, from the very first use, immediate and ongoing savings on shower costs are achieved. This means approximately 40 percent of water, wastewater, and hot water production (electricity, gas, oil, etc.) costs are reduced without diminishing the intensity of the shower spray on the skin.

  • 100% comfort, joy, and refreshment during showering
  • ONLY 3 to 5 months payback time in a two-person household
  • continuous cleaning of the shower hose and head, thus preventing deposits, biofilm, and calcification to the maximum
  • can be installed in just a few minutes with a few simple steps.

A medical report confirms compliance with all necessary hygiene standards for unrestricted use in challenging environments such as hospitals or nursing homes, or healthcare facilities in general.

ecoturbino® | in a nutshell

The question is not “IF” but “WHEN” an ecoturbino is in use at your home? Right?
And how do we know? Because we’ve experienced it firsthand!

ecoturbino® | effective in various locations

*Medical Report on ecoturbino® dated 24.07.2022: "Meets the necessary hygiene standards for use in healthcare facilities (hospital, nursing home, etc.). The retrofitting of the ecoturbino® hand shower set is recommended."

… when an extremely sustainable idea completely convinces!


5* Bio- & Wellnessresort

Johannesbad Therme

Therme, Bad Füssing

ISAR Klinikum


Reference fitness studio Injoy Linz


40 percent reduction*

Save over €220 annually | per household

40% less water + 40% less cost + much less limescale + much more hygiene

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Verification of the reduction effect during showering by TÜV

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Single Adapter

4 Colors + 1 Deluxe Model

ecoturbino® ET10L Water-saving Shower Adapter | Save water and energy (electricity) | Reduce costs by up to 40% when showering + emptying the shower head | Feedimage


up to 15% quantity discount!

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Deluxe Savings Set

Adapter + Hose + Showerhead

ecoturbino® deluxe shower set 10 Legio | ET10L water-saving adapter + shower hose + DESIGN shower head | silver. Feedimage.

€ 95.90

up to 15% quantity discount!

Buy To model BLACK

Overhead Shower

Adapter + Showerhead + Accessories

ecoturbino® Overhead Shower - Rain Shower SET Legio | ET10L Water-Saving Adapter + Overhead Shower Head. Feedimage.

€ 89.90

up to 15% quantity discount!


Flow Restrictor

for the faucet at the sink

Flow restrictor faucet aerator insert ecoturbino ET5 | Sink water saver | Save water and energy (electricity) | Reduce costs by up to 40%. Feedimage.

€ 4.76

up to 15% quantity discount!


ecoturbino® | an overview of all hand shower savings sets



Shower head

Shower hose


from €59.90

ecoturbino® adapter
Set Standard

Adapter: ✔️

Shower head: Standard

Shower hose: ✔️

Color: silver | black


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Set Deluxe

Adapter: ✔️

Shower head: Design

Shower hose: ✔️

Color: silver | black

ab €95.90

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Upgrade Set Standard

Adapter: ✔️

Shower head: Standard

Shower hose:

Color: silver | black


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Upgrade Set Deluxe

Adapter: ✔️

Shower head: Design

Shower hose:

Color: silver | black

ab €77.90

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danger FROM Legionella + Germs
a known health risk in the sanitary sector

Legionella are widespread environmental bacteria that naturally occur in low concentrations in surface water. Therefore, they are also present in drinking water and consequently found in drinking water distribution systems and in drinking water installations.

The proliferation of Legionella as potential pathogens in drinking water (building) installations only occurs under suitable conditions, especially in warm or stagnant (standing) drinking water. Ideal conditions for proliferation are water temperatures ranging from about 25 °C to 45 °C (typical bathroom temperatures).

In the shower area of the bathroom, the water typically REMAINS in the shower head and hose at the ideal temperature range – perfect for the proliferation of Legionella and germs within.

Although Legionella can also exist in cool water, their proliferation at temperatures below 20 °C is negligible.

The health of individuals can be at risk if a high number of Legionella enter the lungs. This risk exists when fine mist containing Legionella (also referred to as aerosols) is inhaled. Such aerosols can, for instance, be produced during showering.

Caution is particularly necessary when water is produced in the form of mist, be it while showering, bathing, or even from faucets in other areas such as the kitchen sink.

The consequences of such contact with Legionella can range from Pontiac Fever, an acute feverish infection without pneumonia, to severe pneumonia (known as Legionnaires’ disease). The latter is so severe that in most cases it requires hospitalization.

Those particularly at risk include individuals over 60 years of age, smokers, those with specific underlying diseases like diabetes mellitus or chronic heart/lung diseases, and individuals with weakened immune systems. However, there is no risk when drinking water is used for consumption or food preparation. Additionally, person-to-person transmission of Legionella is not a concern.

Therefore, it can be said: When water remains in inactive hot water pipes (water stands) and is not drained, exchanging the water in all pipes and components of the hot water area regularly requires increased time and particular care.

The Role of the ecoturbino Shower Adapter in Showers

The regular, hygienic cleaning, to prevent the rapid formation of Legionella and germs (biofilm) within shower hoses and showerheads, involves a lot of effort. Thanks to the ecoturbino water-draining function, this effort is now a thing of the past.

Additional Benefit: SAVE Money and Energy!

ecoturbino reduces water consumption by 40% by integrating air into the water flow.

ecoturbino® | when technology simply works | simply convincing!

This is the core of the ecoturbino* patent!

By intentionally adding about 40% air through the air intake hole, tiny air bubbles are “incorporated” into the water flow.

Although the water jet feels just as strong when showering as it did before installing the ecoturbino, there’s 40% less water in the water jets.

For optimal operation, the ecoturbino requires a flow rate of +8 liters per minute prior to installation. In showers with already low water flow (e.g., low pressure or calcified shower head), the air cannot be optimally “incorporated”.

If you look down at the shower drain, you will visually notice: Yes, it’s true, definitely less water.

*Trademark numbers Patent Office 1315887, 285834

ecoturbino gold
ecoturbino shower function

ecoturbino and the annoying lime in the shower head

Yes, you read that right. With ecoturbino® L (in the Legio variant), the shower head is completely emptied, as is most of the shower hose, when the showering pleasure is over through the air intake hole, actively protecting against contamination in the shower hose and shower head.

Where no water remains, lime can deposit much more difficultly.

It’s that simple. Additionally, this emptying prevents the formation of Legionella, an important point regarding hygiene.

Operating principle

ecoturbino and improved hygiene

The strong swirling of the water with added air reduces deposits and biofilm in the shower system.

*Trademark numbers Patent Office 1315887, 285834

ecoturbino® | overview of all products


ecoturbino® worldwide References | When a product convinces with 100% effectiveness



5* Bio & Wellness Resort

When it comes to comfort and coziness, nothing is left to chance at the Stanglwirt - compared to other tested water-saving systems, ecoturbino® was completely convincing after a practical test.


Hotel Hilton Vienna | Austria


Close to Vienna's centre

Inspired by Viennese modernism and the Secession style, the hotel awaits its guests with 3,400 m² of event space, the "LENZ" restaurant, the vibrant "Selleny's" bar and Vienna's largest executive lounge with park terrace.

Hilton Vienna Park

Ebner's Waldhof am See


Dreamlike location, rooms with lake view

The unique location on Lake Fuschl, the culinary delights at gourmet level and wonderful nature experiences will inspire you every single day. Relax in the Waldhof Spa, dream on the natural beach and enjoy with body and soul.

Ebner's Waldhof am See Resort & Spa

Hotel Marriot Seoul | South Korea


5* Business Hotel Marriot Seoul

JW Marriott Hotel Seoul offering classic luxury in the heart of Seoul in the Gangnam district of South Korea. Look forward to a 5-star experience amidst Seoul's most famous attractions. 379 elegant accommodations for exclusive stays await guests.


JA Ocean View Hotel Dubai



Experience the ultimate 5-star all-inclusive beachfront destination along Dubai's pristine coastline with 3 unique hotels and 1 million square metres of unparalleled experiences.

JA Ocean View Hotel | Dubai

Hotel Marriot Frankfurt | Germany


Rooms and Suites Hotel

At 159 meters, the Marriott Hotel is the highest hotel in Germany. It is located in the city centre, directly opposite the main entrance to the world's second-largest exhibition centre.

Frankfurt Marriott Hotel

SK Rapid | Allianz Station Wien


Allianz Stadium Vienna

With the umbrella brand "Rapid leben", SK Rapid emphasizes its corporate social responsibility in 5 areas.

SK Rapid | Allianz Stadium Wien

Hotel Nixe Palace Palma Mallorca | Spain


5* Hotel with access to the beach

Hotel Nixe Palace is located in Cala Major district, within a 16-minute drive from Palma de Mallorca Airport. The accommodation offers 133 rooms. Compared to other tested water saving systems, ecoturbino® was fully convincing after a practical test.

Hotel Nixe Palace | Palma Mallorca - Spain

Hotel Pfösl | South Tyrol Italy


The mountain world tangible in the nature hotel

A place where natural materials meet light-filled spaces and modern design: Hotel Pfösl in the Dolomites. The familiar structures and scents make you feel instantly at ease. Experience here how the power and tranquility from the outside penetrate deep into your inner being.

Hotel Pfösl | Italy - South Tyrol

Clayton Hotel Ireland


4* Hotel, Dublin Airport

Located directly at Dublin Airport, this 4* hotel offers its guests a high level of comfort and a relaxed atmosphere.

Clayton Hotel

Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol


5*s Hotel, Jochberg - Kitzbühel Alps

The only 5-star superior hotel in the Kitzbühel Alps offers its guests unique luxury and comfort.

Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol

Johannesbad Therme


Bad Füssing

In the entire spa as well as the hotel one trusts in the ecoturbino®. The only water-saving system for the shower in which the shower jet and shower comfort remain the same.

Johannesbad SPA

Seecamping Berau


4* Comfort Camping

The 4* campsite is located directly on Lake Wolfgang in the midst of a beautiful natural landscape with meadows and shady trees. To the varied offer modern sanitary facilities equipped with ecoturbino®.

Seecamping Berau

Genusshotel Riegersburg


4* Hotel

The Genusshotel Riegersburg was harmoniously embedded in a traditional vineyard. Sustainability is in the foreground, with it: the ecoturbino®.

Genusshotel Riegersburg



4* Boutiquehotel

The multiple award-winning Hubertushof in Bad Ischl is a 4* boutique hotel with 30 rooms and 2 suites. The hotel relies on ecoturbino® for its showers, saving not only water but also energy.


ISAR Klinikum



The ISAR Klinikum is one of the best clinics in Germany. With over 800 employees and more than 10,000 patients treated annually, both saving water & energy and hygiene & avoiding germ formation have a decidedly high priority.

ISAR Klinikum

Palladium Club Au | Switzerland


Sauna club in Au - Switzerland

Wellness, sauna and massage in a sophisticated ambience.

Club Palladium



Bad Dürrheim

The Espan Clinic on the edge of the Black Forest has repeatedly been named a TOP rehabilitation clinic. With healthy Black Forest air, natural brine and healing water, there's one thing that can't be missing: the ecoturbino® in Legio variant.




5* Wellness Hotel

The director of the 5* Hotel Klosterbräu in Seefeld i. Tirol wants only the best for his guests. Low water pressure in the showers would be a no-go. With ecoturbino® the guests get the highest shower comfort and the hotel saves water at the same time.


Clever Fit Gym Austria


Fitness Studio

Europe's leading premium fitness discounter, headquartered in Landsberg am Lech. The group currently operates over 500 studios across Europe. The number of members has grown steadily in recent years, so that the chain now has around 900,000 members.

clever fit Austria

Palais HansenKempinski Vienna


5 star luxury hotel

Located in the centre of Vienna, directly on Vienna's famous Ringstrasse, the five-star luxury hotel Palais Hansen Kempinski offers an upscale lifestyle in a listed palace.

Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna

Vienna Boys Choir


Viennese Boys' Choir

In Vienna, together with members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna State Opera Chorus, they maintain an imperial tradition as the Hofmusikkapelle: since 1498, they have regularly played music in the Hofburgkapelle. Since 2012, the Vienna Boys' Choir have had their own small concert hall.

The Muth - Concert Hall, Stage

Stock Resort Hotel


5 Star Superior Hotel

Every moment is precious at the STOCK resort in the Zillertal. Relax in the whirlpool or sunbathe on the terrace. Listen to the silence or your own heartbeat. Find peace within yourself between the mountain panorama and the view of the water.

STOCK Resort 5*Hotel | Austria

Grandhotel Lienz


5 Star Luxury Hotel

The luxurious 5-star hotel convinces with its unique elegance as well as high comfort and is exactly the right destination for a relaxing holiday with style and charm.

Grandhotel Lienz 5*Hotel | Austria

Fleurs de Zermatt Hotel


Hotel near Matterhorn

The entire hotel and each of the 38 rooms are dedicated to the rare flowers you can discover around the Matterhorn. As the newest hotel in Zermatt, it shines in fresh splendour with all the amenities you could wish for.

Fleurs de Zermatt | Alpshotel | Switzerland

Vitalium Kur Dr. Plachy


Vitalium Dr. von Plachy | Sanatorium

In Vitalium Dr. von Plachy you are in the right place to recharge your batteries. Doctors of naturopathy, well-trained therapists and attentive service staff are there for you.

Vitalium Dr. von Plachy | Germany

Therme Bad Gleichenberg


The spa of tranquillity - Therme Bad Gleichenberg

Feel good & relax. The Therme der Ruhe Bad Gleichenberg enchants you along the "Path of Life" into a world of peace and relaxation.

Therme Bad Gleichenberg | Austria

Quellenhotel Bad Waltersdorf


Therme & Hotel Steiermark

The Quellenhotel is an insider tip for cultural, musical or culinary events. Take advantage of the opportunity and combine a visit to an event with a spa holiday.


Hotel Cervosa Serfaus


5* Hotel Cervosa Serfaus

"How sustainability and guest well-being can be combined during a vacation is demonstrated by the 5-star wellness hotel Cervosa in Serfaus. Together with ecoturbino, this aspiration was realized at the highest level."

Hotel Cervosa Serfaus | Austria

Hotel coolnest Austria


Urban Lifestyle & Design Hotel Zillertal

Inspired by nature. Wonderful beds, a breathtaking panorama, the finest cuisine and probably the coolest rooftop pool in the Zillertal await you.

Design Hotel coolnest Zillertal | Austria

And the numbers keep growing - those who save (HOT) WATER and ENERGY daily with ecoturbino!

One simply has to try it for oneself and see how well it works within one's own four walls, while also saving a significant amount of money.

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