Optimized and Visible Hygiene IN SHOWERS & BATH

the second impact of ecoturbino® watersaving environment protecting system


Clean showerheads and hoses | a must for hygienic showers in hotels, homes, sports facilities, etc.

The shower experience plays a central role in our well-being, whether at home, in hotels, or other accommodations.

A relaxing shower in the morning or after a long day can make the difference between a good and a great day. But what if the showerheads and hoses we use to clean ourselves are themselves contaminated with bacteria?

This problem can not only be unhygienic but also pose health risks (Legionella contamination). This is where the innovative technology of ecoturbino comes into play, not only ensuring hygienically clean showerheads and hoses but also minimizing cleaning efforts, reducing limescale and deposits, and promoting health, especially in terms of Legionella risk.

Shower head clean

Why do showerheads and hoses become contaminated with bacteria?

Showerheads and hoses are susceptible to bacterial contamination for several reasons. The main reason is stagnant water. When water stagnates in the pipes and showerhead, it provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms.

When showerheads and shower hoses are not used, such as when going on vacation, the water temperature in the systems naturally rises to room temperature, increasing contamination and Legionella growth by a multiple – an optimal breeding ground for bacteria!

These bacteria can quickly multiply in the warm and moist environment and can cause health problems (such as pneumonia). Another problem is the formation of limescale and other deposits, which not only look unsightly but also affect the performance of the showerhead and can lead to uneven water distribution.

The clean showerheads and hoses solution: ecoturbino®

Ecoturbino technology offers an effective solution to these problems. It is designed to continuously drain showerheads and hoses to prevent stagnant water. This has several advantages:

  • Hygiene: Continuous draining of showerheads and hoses after showering significantly reduces the risk of bacterial contamination. With no stagnant water in the showerhead, bacteria and microorganisms have no breeding ground.
  • Cleaning Effort: The tedious task of regularly cleaning showerheads and hoses to prevent deposits and limescale buildup is largely eliminated. This saves time and effort. Maintenance efforts are significantly reduced!
  • Limescale and Deposits: Ecoturbino technology also helps reduce limescale and deposits in showerheads and hoses. This not only improves the lifespan of the shower equipment but also ensures consistent water flow and optimal performance.
  • Health: Reducing the risk of Legionella is particularly important. Legionella are bacteria that multiply in stagnant water and can cause serious health problems when inhaled through aerosols. Ecoturbino helps minimize this risk and protect the health of users.
  • Visual Cleanliness: Showerheads that are continuously drained by ecoturbino technology always remain visually clean and appealing. This contributes to the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.


Perfect Bathroom Hygiene and Beyond Thanks to ecoturbino

ecoturbino not only provides hygienically clean showerheads and hoses but also contributes to overall bathroom hygiene. As stagnant water and associated bacterial issues are reduced, the overall hygiene of the bathroom is improved.

This is especially important in accommodations such as hotels, nursing homes, clinics, and guesthouses, as well as seasonal operations and sports facilities, where guest and patient safety and comfort are top priorities.

Overall, ecoturbino is an innovative solution to a frequently overlooked problem. Clean showerheads and hoses are not only aesthetically pleasing but also essential for the health and well-being of users.

With ecoturbino, you can elevate the shower experience in hotels, homes, and other accommodations to a new level while optimizing bathroom hygiene.