Campsite Profit & earnings increase through ecoturbino water and energy saving | the exceptional situation of highest profitability

Campsite profit increase | ecoturbino water and energy saving

Increasing campsite profit & earnings by simply saving water and energy on campsites: The special role of ecoturbino® and the importance for camping shower facilities

Attention: Please note the profit gain example calculations for different campsite sizes!

In other words: more profit, less water treatment, less waste water, less energy consumption THANKS to ecoturbino technology in sanitary facilities.

First things first: The low investment in the ecoturbino retrofit system for sanitary facilities means investing ONLY once and then achieving impressive profits for years through sensible savings.

Campsites are places of nature connection and relaxation but also unique locations that often bring their own dynamics and challenges.

Behind the idyllic scenes, there is often a high consumption of resources such as water and energy, especially in the shower facilities. Therefore, it is increasingly important for campsite operators to implement sustainable solutions to reduce this consumption while simultaneously increasing their profit or profitability.

In this context, ecoturbino technology plays a crucial role by saving up to 40% of water through its innovative features, thereby increasing operators’ gross profit.

With the resulting profit, operators can make interesting investments, for example, without budget expenses, which benefit the image and well-being of the guests.

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The challenge of resource consumption at campsites

Shower facilities at campsites are an essential part of the comfort that guests expect. However, they are also significant consumers of water and energy.

Especially at a time when environmental protection and sustainability are increasingly in focus, campsite operators face the challenge of making their facilities more resource-efficient.

Campsites & Profit | Why it makes sense to save water and energy

The reasons for saving water and energy at campsites are diverse. On the one hand, it contributes to the protection of natural resources by reducing water consumption.

This is particularly important in regions where water scarcity prevails or where access to clean water is problematic. On the other hand, saving energy reduces the ecological footprint of campsites and helps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Furthermore, saving water and energy also has economic benefits for campsite operators. By using these resources more efficiently, costs can be reduced and profitability increased.

Especially in times of rising energy prices and growing environmental awareness among guests, this is an important aspect that should not be neglected.

The unique situation of campsites: A small number of shower facilities and high usage by many guests

One of these special situations concerns the shower facilities: On many campsites, there are comparatively few showers, but they are used generously (twice a day and for a long time) by a large number of guests, perhaps even more frequently in summer to cool off.

In this constellation, investing in technology such as the ecoturbino, which dramatically reduces water consumption, can show particularly high profitability.

The Shower Paradox on Campsites

The situation at campsites is often characterized by a paradoxical relationship between supply and demand regarding shower facilities. While there is only a limited number of showers available, they are frequented by a multitude of guests.

Especially during peak times, such as morning or evening hours, shortages can occur as all campers want to shower simultaneously. This intensive use of the shower facilities leads to high water consumption, which can quickly accumulate.

The High Water Consumption in Shower Facilities

To understand the impact of this phenomenon, it’s worth looking at the average water consumption per minute during a shower. Studies show that this consumption can range between 15 and 17 liters of water per minute.

Considering that many campsites have limited water resources, it becomes clear how quickly water consumption adds up when many guests shower simultaneously or choose longer shower times.

The Profitability of ecoturbino on Campsites

In this situation, investing in water-saving technologies such as ecoturbino provides significant added value. Although the low initial cost of ecoturbino may seem like an investment at first, calculations show that this investment often pays off permanently after a short period (often less than 1 month at campsites).

By reducing water consumption by up to 50% per shower, ecoturbino helps to immediately and significantly lower the operating costs of the shower facilities.

The Rapid Amortization of the Investment

Suppose a campsite invests in ecoturbino for its shower facilities and basin fittings. Even if only a few showers are available, these showers are used by a large number of guests.

Due to the high water consumption per minute, even a moderate reduction in water consumption through ecoturbino translates into significant savings.

Calculations show that the investment often pays off in just a few days or weeks, depending on the intensity of the shower facilities’ usage and local water prices.


Additional Benefits of ecoturbino on Campsites

In addition to its financial profitability, ecoturbino offers further advantages for campsite operators.

By reducing water consumption, they actively contribute to environmental protection and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

This not only can enhance the campsite’s image but also attract new environmentally conscious guests and strengthen customer loyalty.

The Role of ecoturbino

In this context, ecoturbino comes into play. ecoturbino is an innovative technology specifically designed for shower facilities to reduce water consumption without compromising guests’ shower comfort.

The system consists of a special adapter installed before the shower hose, which optimizes water flow through its unique air-water structure, thus saving up to 50% of water.

How does ecoturbino work?

ecoturbino utilizes a combination of air and water to generate a gentle yet effective water flow.

By introducing air into the water stream, it refines the stream, creating a pleasant shower experience that is comparable to traditional showerheads.

At the same time, less water is consumed because the air replaces a portion of the water volume in the stream without reducing the perceptible amount of water at the showerhead.

The benefits of ecoturbino for campsite operators

For campsite operators, ecoturbino offers a variety of advantages that can directly impact their profit and gross revenue:

  • Increased profit through cost savings:
    By reducing water consumption, the operating costs for water supply can be lowered. This has a positive effect on the financial situation of the campsite and increases gross revenue.
  • Enhanced environmentally friendly image:
    Utilizing ecoturbino demonstrates the campsite’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. This can help improve the campsite’s image and attract new environmentally conscious guests.
  • Higher customer retention:
    Guests appreciate environmentally friendly initiatives and are more likely to revisit or recommend a campsite when they see it is committed to environmental protection. Ecoturbino can contribute to customer retention and establish long-term relationships with guests.
  • Compliance with legal requirements (e.g., EU Taxonomy Regulation):
    In some regions, there are legal requirements to reduce water consumption. Ecoturbino enables campsite operators to meet these requirements and avoid potential fines or penalties.
  • Increased competitive advantage:
    A campsite equipped with modern and environmentally friendly facilities has a clear competitive advantage over other providers. Ecoturbino can help secure this advantage and position the campsite as an attractive destination for environmentally conscious travelers.


Overall, ecoturbino provides an effective solution for campsite operators to reduce water and energy consumption in their shower facilities while sustainably increasing their profit.

The unique situation of campsites, characterized by a small number of shower facilities and high guest usage, makes ecoturbino technology a economic boon for operators.

In this context, ecoturbino proves to be particularly profitable, as it enables significant water savings even with few showers. Investing in ecoturbino not only pays off financially but also contributes to environmental protection and strengthens the campsite’s image as a sustainable destination.

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